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flag-2Best Electric Scooter in India

Best Collection

We have 3 different models with 10 different colors.

Best Pricing

We provide you the best price of electric scooter.

Best Service

Our brand is known for the best service we provide.

Best Ratings

We are the No.1 electric scooter in India.

Why Electric ?

No Petrol

As petrol prices are rising, it is the right time to explore electric scooter. Switch to Electric ! Switch to BOS MOTORS !

No License

This smart electric scooter is a ‘no license ‘ kind of vehicle that is suited to everybody, right from a school going child to an elder.

No Tax

Electric scooters are exempted from tax. We have made a smart move ! Have you ? Save 95 % of your money ! Book a test drive.

No Registration

The low speed electric scooter models which are CMVR is exempted from registration and road tax. You’re promised no registration fee.

No Sound

Travelling around a city and silence never go hand-in-hand. A whisper quiet mode of transport that’s the fastest and quietest way.

No Pollution

Electric scooters are a lifestyle choice and in addition, it is good to know that you will not play a role in the pollution.

Low Maintenance

Very low maintenance needed and if you want something lighter and more energy efficient, BOS electric scooter can be a perfect fit for you.

Wide Variety

Electric vehicles are the future face of the global vehicle industry. At BOS MOTORS we have 3 different models with 10 different colors.

Buy Electric Scooter Online !

Lets together make a smart move ! We have 3 varieties of electric scooter model with 10 different colors.

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    BOS MOTORS have 10 showrooms across Kerala and 11 service centers.


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